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Monster Mash

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Monster Mash

4 link Suspension, TNT Nitro Shocks, custom cradle, axle housings, & steps on 49" Irok tires both rear end housings and the divorced t case were sanded smooth before powder coating every single grade 9 stainless bolt from the big 1" dia bolts to the 5/16" that hold the powdercoated wheel cylinders were smoothed out on the lathe with 400grit. ... lots of fabrication on this big boy! if we got paid 1 dollar per hour for the ammount of time put into this truck i wouldent have to work for a couple of years.and if the customer accually didnt blow smoke up my ass about all the shows and advertising he was going to do for us it would have been worth it.....this truck here is the main reason we wont do big projects anymore.

Tear Down Stage

4 Link Installation

Custom Powder Coating

Final Stage