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Welcome to TNT Monster Trucks


We know you have choices when it comes to where to take your 4x4 for lift kits and other custom parts. What we have been seeing a lot of in the past couple years are shops that mainly do minor work on cars getting into suspension lifts.some may be cheaper or have fancy signs out front but is it really worth taking a chance? Take your 4x4 to a 4x4 shop, not a shop that mainly sells car parts,window tinting or stereo work...If your looking for anything from a leveling kit to a full custom built suspension stop in or give us a call...We want people to ask questions about the work being done on their 4x4 and not rely on what some guy in another state said on a forum. We rely on our expert craftsmanship & knowledge of the trade to give you the final product you want and not what the "used car salesman" talked you into.. We specialize in all levels of custom fabrication, Including complete suspension design involving 46" or larger tires. WE WILL NOT RECOMMEND ANYTHING WE WOULD NOT INSTALL OR FABRICATE ON OUR OWN TRUCKS. We do not push certain brand lift kits because we get a better price on them.we will compare kits available to find what best suits your needs,just because one kit is double the price don't necessarily mean your getting more for your money. Whether lifting your truck for the first time, or building a tube chassis monster truck come to the shop with years of hands on experience,and when we mean hands on experience were not talking about flipping through magazines or hitting keys online,we mean busted knuckles,burn marks, blood ,sweat and stitches working on 4x4s for many years.. .

THE TNT ride truck is available for static displays,birthday parties,rides,also advertising such as music videos and ads. the truck has smaller dot approved tires for street use and the larger 66inch tires for events

News At the shop
We have moved into a larger shop. Our new address is 710-4 union parkway ronkonkoma 11779

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